Caisse d’Epargne Regional Offices

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Program: Renovation and expansion of a classic Haussemannian building
Localisation: Toulouse, France
Client: Caisse d'Epargne
Architect: TAA Toulouse | Associated Head of Project : Foued Hammami

Surface: 5 500 m²
Cost: 11 M€
Delivery date: December 2013

Distinction: ADC Awards 2014 (nominated)
Environmental Certification: HQE label

Photographers: Stéphane Chalmeau, Thomas Cecconi

The project: Renovation and expansion of a classic Haussemannian building in the city center of Toulouse, France.

This structure, originally built in 1905 by the architect Joseph Gilet, is composed of outstanding decorations:  a fine façade, with white stone and a large roof, with zinc and slate. Nevertheless, throughout the 20th century, several restoration plans were intended, causing a loss of consistency in its architectural design.
Consequently, this project of rehabilitation aims to create an enjoyable working environment in accordance with its historic status. In short, praise its prestigious past while providing a natural shape of modernity. Given its localization and the quality of its composition, this building has to stand out again as one of the essential places in the city centre of Toulouse. 

The program revolves around two main concepts: glorify the classic Haussmannian facade and perpetuate the internal functioning of the historical structure, using its original circulation.This architectural concept generates a duality between the internal and external processing. On the street side, the expansion is materialized by stainless steel and randomly perforated shutters, designed by Gerard Tiné. The matt shading is deliberately chosen to match the zinc tint visible on the dome and pinnacles. Thus, this combination of selected materials restores the genuine splendor of the facade and roofing, creating a milestone in the urban landscape of the city. Inside the building, two glass and steel patios articulate and open up the inner circulation.

This project has been the result of 7 years of hard work, since the very first study to the last brick.