La Cité

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Program: Sponsored by La Region Occitanie, the project of La Cité consists in the renovation of the historic site of Les Halles Latétoère, in order to create a third-place dedicated to collaborative and sustainable innovation
Localisation: Toulouse, France
Clients: La Région Occitanie, ARAC Occitanie
Team: Lead Architect: TAA Toulouse | Associated Head of Project: Aurélie Guinel | Assistant: Claire Peyrot | Head of Construction: William Saieb | Assistant: Paco Giuliani
Historic Monument Lead Architect: Pierre-Yves Caillault | Structural Engineering: BETEM | Fluids Engineering: SETES | Acoustics Engineering: Sigma | Energy Engineering: SOCONER | Designer: Studio Joran Briand Associés | Artist: Allover Gallery | Scenography: Ducks Scéno

Surface: 13 954 m²
Cost: 32,8 M€
Dates: Project competition: July 2018 | Delivery dates: January 2020 & November 2020

Distinction: BOTY 2022 par Archdaily (nominated) | Care d'Argent, Le Geste d'Or 2021 (winner) | Palmarès Technal 2021 (winner) | Prix Construction Bois 2021 (finalist) | Bim d'Or 2020 (nominated)

BIM Mission: Design and Construction Phases

Environmental Certification: Level E2C2

Photographer: Roland Halbe