Dubarry Offices

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Program : The Dubarry project is a construction of a new office building, divided in two main components.

Localisation : Toulouse 31
Client : Carle Promotion
Architect : TAA Toulouse | Associated Head of projects: Foued Hammami

Surface : 9 409 m2
Cost : 11.7 M€
Delivery date : Building A – August 2022 | Building B - November 2021
Environmental Certification : HQE Label

Photographer : Roland Halbe


The « Dubarry » office block, located in the Cartoucherie development, is set on the northwestern edge of the site along a taut curve that accompanies and draws the pedestrian’s gaze towards the entrance of the plot. The project opens up to the south onto the pedestrian alleyway, creating a large landscaped inner-court garden in continuity with the block 1.3 (also built by TAA). The project composes a balanced yet varying skyline whilst creating transparencies between the surrounding streets and the landscaped inner-court garden.

The office block is composed of open-plan floors accessed by a central stair and lift shaft. The urban guidelines of the development, as well as the detailed plan of the local urban regulation dictate the implementation of the project: alignment of the building on the roadside along the rue du TOEC and the rue du Mail, a varied skyline ranging from six to twelve storeys above groundfloor, and a gap in the volume on the upper levels. The design of the project on the plot 1.2a is global: two distinct buildings articulated around a central forecourt and a generous landscaped inner-court garden.

The « Dubarry » is composed of two distinct and complementary buildings. A curved building rising to six storeys above ground floor is counterbalanced by a more slender volume rising to eight storeys above ground floor, each building comprising a rooftop terrace on the top floor.

The ground floor creates a transparent multi-functional plinth including welcoming and convivial areas for the building occupants. The dual-aspect entrance forecourt is a transitional space between the street and the inner garden that offers pedestrian and cycle paths, bike racks and pedestrian links to the other plots of the development. The two buildings of this project function independently, hence the separation of two distinct administrative plots. 

Each floorplan is designed to maximise natural lighting with windows on all four facades. Each level is composed of an open floorplan including private loggias, protected by double facades to the southeast and southwest for optimal natural ventilation whilst still offering sun protection. Sun protection on the northeast and northwestern facades is ensured by individual interior sun blinds.

The ground floor comprises the common areas of the project such as the entrance hall, offices, and car park access. The underground car park, shared between the two buildings, is limited to the footprint of the building to maximise the unbuilt area. The inner garden is a generous, calm, and entirely shared common area opening up towards the plot 1.3.

A vertical grid of metal sections of 25cm width compose the facades, powder coated in a deep grey tone. The spacing of the grid follows a width of 1,35m, a traditional and optimized grid for office design. These same sections also form the horizontal lines of the grid, but spaced over two storeys to accentuate the verticality of the grid. Full height glass panes span from floor to ceiling and the edge of the floor slab is cladded with an insulated metal panel, powder coated in the same deep grey tone.

All the glass panels of the facades are equipped with full-height exterior roll-screens to limit glare and ensuring thermal protection. Each screen is individually steered through an electronic system linked to an anemometer and controlled by a central technical management system.

Rooftop terraces on the top level of each building offer sweeping viewpoints of the surrounding environment. The ground floor is largely glazed to open up views towards the inner garden and the forecourt. The facade of the ground floor follows the same 1,35m grid as the upper levels.