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Program: New construction of a college, an omnisports complex and a shared cultural center.
Localisation: Montussan 33
Client: Department of Gironde
Architect: Bouygues Bâtiment Centre Sud-Ouest | TAA Toulouse: Associated Head of project: Marinell Van Wyk | Head of project: William Florenza | Head of project's deputy: Maxime Agred | Associated Architect: Eric Wirth

Other member of the Group: A+R PAYSAGES, GROUPE CETAB, HTM, Cuisinorme, LASA and SPIE Facilities

Surface: 9 409 m²

Cost: /

Dates: Winning competition date: Late 2022 | Construction begining: April 2024 | Estimated delivery date: Summer 2025

Competition architectural Visualisations: Artefactory Lab