Adoma Residence

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Program: Creation of a “Young Workers” social housing residence including 122 housing units and associated services
Localisation: Toulouse, France
Client: Green City
Architect: TAA Toulouse | Head of projet: Marinell Van Wyk

Surface: 2 930 m²
Cost: 4,2 M€
Delivery date: January 2019

Photographer: Roland Halbe

The “Young Workers” residence, developed by Green City Immobilier for the social landlord Adoma, sits at 66 Boulevard Gabriel Koenigs, on the corner with rue Roquemaurel. The site lies between the neighborhoods of Arènes and Bourrassol, which are characterized by residential blocks reaching seven or eight stories.

The project parcel is constrained and complex in shape. The designers took every possible advantage of the complex zoning envelope to create a showcase building reaching 21 meters (69 feet) in height.

The program consists of 122 units distributed over seven floors, including a top floor tucked under the rafters. The ground level is dedicated to services for the young residents, as well as the caretaker’s apartment, mechanical rooms, and basement access.

The project is distinguished by the distinct treatment of the front and rear façades. The front façade with its rooms looking out over the boulevard is clad with Saves brick, while the rear courtyard façade is finished in white render that matches the 1960s residence next door. Two façades, two materials: brick on the boulevard, white render on the central courtyard.

The entire length of the ground floor is clad with an anodized aluminum storefront system and matching metal cladding to conceal the mechanical and service spaces. Along the roofline, the zinc roofing wraps down to clad the mansard-level rooms, creating a distinctive effect.

The principal vertical circulation consists of an elevator and monumental stair that come together in a dramatic prow, illuminated at night, making an unmistakable statement that matches the residence’s bold mission to provide affordable accommodation to young workers.

At the ground-floor entrance on the street corner, spaces are opened up to allow for meeting and socializing. A high degree of transparency at the entrance allows views into the interior by day, while also making the courtyard feel larger by dint of views back out to the grand boulevard.